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5 Career Tips For Success That I Learned From Soledad O'Brien

In recently attending the INC 5000 Vision Conference, I was impressed by Soledad O'Brien's fire side chat about the state of her business at this time in the wake of Covid-19 and advice for others.

Soledad is a renown broadcast journalist and executive producer having worked at CNN, Al Jazeera and HBO. She currently owns and runs Soledad O'Brien Productions creating documentaries, branded and other original content pieces.

During the conference, Soledad confirmed there's a new model for how things need to be done at this time and shared 5 pieces of business advice she has learned and I plan to apply to my career.

1) Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Help

When Soledad started her current production company, she shared that there were so many things she didn't know how to do as journalism professional turned new business owner. When she started to have conversations with other business owners, she was suprised by the generosity of people willing to share their business plans, mistakes and best practices.

2) Decide Your North Star

"Realizing where your priorities are will help you determine which side of the game you are playing on. If you want to drive the tone of a project vs being a contributor to a bigger project, you should consider starting your own thing to lead the vision. "

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3) Always Have a Plan B

"If someone is not going to give you an opportunity to grow, you should re-consider staying. Doesn’t have to be immediately but possible in down the line." For me it was a gentle transition vs being something abrasive.

4) Listen When People Tell You Their Plans

Soledad shared her experience during her career in hearing from superiors that didn't have the same vision for her. She quickly realized that it helps when people share their vision for you, it prevents you from wasting your time. Either for staying with them and thriving because you align or to leave and go after what you want to do.

5) Know What You Signed Up For

"If you have agreed to work for a company, you have agreed to their social media policy. If you don’t follow that policy and what you can and can't share even on your own social channels, you show disregard of the rules. If you want to post freely without regard, you should consider being an entrepreneur."

All wise words, great reminders and actionable advice. If you agree, you can share on Twitter and Instagram because this is too good to keep to ourselves.

Stay inspired and constantly solving for what makes the best you.