• Tiffany

5 Things Every Career Professional Can Learn From Jessica Alba

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate to attend Create and Cultivate in LA and meet a bunch of great bloggers and content creators that are killing it. As part of that conference, Jessica Alba shared her recently launched beauty line, Honest Beauty and served as a keynote speaker sharing how she went from actress to business woman and advice for other creators and small business owners when getting started. Here are 5 things that she shared that inspired me:

1. Stick With What You Love

Jessica shared that her passion for organic and natural consumer goods sparked her interest in starting a new company that would make these items easier for more people to get.

"I honed into what you need every month delivered to your door... your essentials"

When she first started in the business, the subscription model was just taking off and she attached her brand and vision to that model to reach more people. She shared the hurdles that she overcame in finding funding and people that would back her passion and how she continued to pursue what she knew to be truth and what she loved.

2. Trust Your Gut

Jessica shared the fear that she had in entering a new field that she didn't have a history or education in how easily she could have let others shape that fear and delay her passion. Instead, she shared what she does bring to the table and what she has since learned isn't necessarily something that she could have learned in Business school.

"It doesn't matter if you don't have a degree in what you're doing, surround yourself with the right people, support your weaknesses with their strengths"

"I undervalued how important it is to trust your gut. When you haven't done something before, people will treat you like that. When you handle it with style and grace people will want to help you"

3. Live Your Truth

As Jessica shared, you are the only you so own it. She shared an example of when she owned who she was and how she chose to be seen when going to a corporate business meeting wearing what she thought was a business casual look which included a Dolce and Gabbana leather skirt with tights vs. a conservative suit or dress. Although people looked at her sideways based on what she was wearing, she knew her worth, her brand and her vision and brought that to the table

4. Quality is Key

At a time where many companies are sacrificing quality for quantity or price, Jessica shared how important it was to her to not settle on the quality of the performance of the product because the product has cleaner ingredients. She shared that once her business was up and running and she began to look for larger office space and hire employees, the quality of their work experience was important.

"I didn't want our new office to be cold and corporate but instead to inspire creativity and get people to think outside of the box, be innovative and to push the envelope"

5. Be The Boss That You Would Want To Work For

When asked what type of boss she was, she smirked making me believe she's experienced good days and bad days as a #girlboss (haven't we all) but shared that she is to the point, collaborative and loves a debate.

"I take on challenges to solve a problem. I don't like to create a problem and then bone out"

Yes, she said "bone out" for all my peeps that were born before 1985, remember that word? Love her.