• Tiffany

Awesomeness TV Gen Z Panel Event

This week I attended “A Conversation with Awesomeness: From A to Gen Z” panel.

Awesomeness (formally known as Awesomeness TV), is an influencer network and MCN that works with social media influencers to create original branded content for brands and their proprietary network of channels.

Panel Key Takeaways:

Moderator: Taylor Lorenz – MIC reporter

Panelists: Connor Blakey (18yo) – Gen Z expert and founder of Youth Logic

Jane Buckingham – Research expert at Trendera

Alyson Stoner – Actress, dancer known for roles in Cheaper by the Dozen and StepUp.

Represented by Awesomeness

What age are Millennial’s vs Gen Z-ers?

  • Millennials are 22-35 & Gen Z is 13-21

What are Gen Z known for?

  • Skeptical, entrepreneurs. Don’t feel they have to go to college, start at a company, get married like future generations

  • Driven by purpose. As a brand you need purpose or they won’t care about you

  • They’ve lived in a generation where they can FaceTime, order a pizza and call their mom at that the same time so brands should realize how important it is to create good content that grabs their attention immediately.

  • First truly digital generation

  • Think that brands should use first 6-8 seconds of any content to grab their attention because there are so many other things that will take their attention if your brand doesn’t

Advice from Gen Z to brands:

  • Don’t look at things through your brand lens, respect the Gen Z experience with content that may be different and meet them with content they want to consume where they want to consume it.

  • There’s no silver bullet. One platform or influencer won’t change the game for your brand”

  • For the first time in a long time, young people are defining what’s cool. We are moving from a transaction based economy to a trust based economy

  • You (brands) have a moral responsibility with who you are targeting. Think of them as your kid and the bigger picture for their greater future