• Tiffany

The Grove's Annual Televised Holiday Tree Lighting Event

As Director of Social Media and Influencer Relations while at Caruso, one of our largest events with the widest reach was the annual Christmas Tree Lighting television broadcast.

Campaign Summary:

•Promotion of one of the largest holiday events in Los Angeles across social media, PR and television media.

•Oversaw pre-promotion with press and on owned social media channels to increase awarness of live telecast. content capture and post of live entertainment and production behind the scenes

•Live event coverage during television program, content capture and promotion with UGC content and local TV coverage on Caruso social property channels.

•Worked with brand sponsor, Citi and TV broadcast host, Molly Sims on cross promotion of content across their owned social channels.

•Partnered with internal creative and XFN teams on assets and approval to align with event tone and external messaging


•10,125 IG story views

•4,897 total engagements

•61,199 total views

•4.6M paid social views

•Social promotion across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram