• Tiffany

Speaking Opportunity: Success Strategies to Cal State LA Students

I love speaking opportunities and being able to share my experience with others so when I was asked to speak at Cal State LA on PR, Social Media and Creating Success In Your Career, here's what I shared:

  • Be Kind To Everyone - From the mailroom to the CEO office

  • Listen More, Speak Less - You don’t know what you don’t know

  • Mentor and Be Mentored - Don’t just be a taker, be a giver

  • Join Groups In Your Industry - You never know when the person you had cocktails with at a networking event can become the person that gets you that next job.

  • Become An Expert In Your Field - It’s not hard. Share what you know and continue to stay up to date.

  • Don’t Always Look For An Interview, Value An Informational- Find something you can relate to with someone in the company of your dreams, they will remember you more easily.

  • Think About Where Your Field Will Be in 5+ years - The way we communicate with consumers continues to change, ensure you also evolve.

  • Be Present (enough said) - Life goes so fast, enjoy being in the moment, where you currently are in your career.

  • Work Hard - Don’t expect to be an executive after your first week. Show that you are invaluable and reliable.