• Tiffany

Toyota Murai Influencer Launch Event

TODAY is the future! As my client at Golin, I worked with the Toyota team to increase awareness of their new Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle, the Mirai.

Campaign Summary:

• Aligned with the 30th anniversay of the Back to the Future movie, we invited lifestyle and tech creators and press to announce the back to the future-esque vehicle and share a first look.

•I secured influencers to attend and capture content to share with their large social media audience including features of the car and event activities for a first look and behind the scenes content creation opportunity.

•I partnered with top social media influencers Strawburry17, Swoozie, JD Witherspoon, Black Nerd Comedy and others to promote the launch of the car brand and capture the excitement of the night.

Results To Date:

• Shared across YouTube, Snapchat, Periscope, Twitter and Instagram on both Toyota and creator channels.

• Total Video Views: 40K+ video views and 215K+ engagements

See video from creator, Katie Wilson on her experience of the event, shared with her followers on YouTube